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Valdemiro E. Sousa (INGLÊS)

Valdemiro E. Sousa 





Valdemiro E. SOUSA

Founder and President of the Board of APPDH - Portuguese Association for the Promotion and dignity of man, Valdemiro E. Sousa is also director of "The Estafeta." Conference organizer of this session, told us of Segurarança and Prevention of Crimes and on the other side of Poverty, and leave a mesagem the new U.S. President. In her view not just talking about the problems but also ways of solving them and left, with its theme, and several valuable suggestions to deal with it.


In opening his remarks, the speaker began by referring to the protests taking place in Greece, saying:

Start by driving, this session of conferences, a request and an appeal to groups in Greece who are involved in the destruction of property and various goods.

These may be right to protest and express their discontent, but to make it orderly and present projects and solutions to help resolve the crisis, are cooperating.

Remember that involved in destructive activities are more vulnerable to economic and social situation, the reverse of what to do. And if all want a better life for us and for the world, we can only help build the structures and social status. If the good examples result in the best way to educate, with its acts of force are to extend a fuse that invades other countries, therefore, a bad example.

Again, present ideas, projects and solutions, help improve your living conditions and those of others. Follow the line of direction of this association, promoting and dignifying, always peacefully.





Theme of the Conference:



In the merriment of instability involving cruel criminals, the laws used for public order and the authorities of the state, the attacks upon the physical integrity of citizens and their property occurrences take endemic and increasing polarization, while many are unaware of the origins and causes. They should have priority in combating crime. Instead, the weapons speak highest in a scene of delirious scenes, ignoring the people are hungry. As in the wars with growing military power, the description is this occurs to me: those bastards win, those bastards lose ... Those who are unfortunate and lose inferiorizados; those who win, win what? The flag of the barbarity and food to the severity with the blood of others ...


In this state in which our world live in war and in the fight against crime, many individuals with a claim made without eloquence and reflect the human condition. Who has the power to send support and consistency are the options available to it: a statement of defense or attack. Reverse is the civic values, moral and social, when the violence used to sustain the argument of national defense or public order, the moral is that it transmits and assimilates in immorality.


For the world, through television and all the media, we are given to know the terror that rages in the light of the wars between states, and that another war moves against terrorism and crime in general. The indigence by the lack of means of survival is one of the causes of crime. In this respect and as an example, referring to the knowledge we have of what is happening in Brazil - an illustration of himself and representative. The slums show us the social peche which emanates from the devastating crime. Young women from the inside moving to cities where the security of a decent living there and only left them sell your body as the only way of survival, the parallel justice has pockets of jagunços waiting for someone to pay them for murder whoever. Many of the victims are people in their position intact complying the law and respect for others, some wealthy use the roads to reach the air helicopter to work, on every corner watching the assault and physical aggression. What is this company that has been proven that the prosecution as the only way to fight crime does not result?


Within the principles that APPDH falls, the route to the reduction of criminal activities can only go through assistance to people in need, both in material and social means, or by raising awareness. Here the police will first the task of monitoring teams that noble purposes dealing with such cases, to ensure the security, but not produce weapons in a position to fire, before demonstrating peaceful and cooperative attitude. The teams that I mention should be made by strategists in the economic and social recovery, social workers and psychologists, which should include representatives of government, to develop the necessary inventory of emerging needs, with an immediate response is not, in most shortest possible time.


Will inevitably have individuals that are committed to leadership of the crime and ghettos, not adhere to these campaigns, because only the disorder interest them. These yes, should the police behind you and answer for their actions. The positive results will happen with the participation of the people, since moving to enjoy a more dignified life and no need to connect to the criminal leadership.


In addition to programs of assistance and rehabilitation, the government should create conditions for setting the people inside with development programs and job creation. The Brazilian territory is excessive agricultural skills and the time we live in - and due to increasing consumption of biofuels - the entire production of cereals and oilseeds have market prices more assured and compensating. You never provided so promising conditions for the development of agricultural activities and development of the interior, is in Brazil or in any country with conditions and agricultural traditions. As we all know the agro-livestock activities are at the forefront of development and human resources. A country without a country where agriculture is pobre.Também campaigns should be implemented to set up small and medium entrepreneurs, given the possibility that the territory descomunais offers, and must exclude the humanitarian assistance with a policy and awareness.


Generally, consumers of drugs should be removed from streets and other local logistics to be treated in clinics and recovered. Prostitution should be drastically reduced through the implementation of conditions of life for women who sell her body as the sole means of livelihood. The homeless should proporcionarse them for jobs that are occupied and earn their own livelihood. The lack of physical capacity for work should be housed in establishments assists, state or private. Extreme poverty must be considered a means of survival with dignity. The welfare state must demonstrate that every person is the people with the right to live with dignity.


At this point I'm listening to dissenting voices, which I say: "Where we get so much money to cover all these actions?" The answer is obvious and conclusive. And the cost enforcement activities and social scourge? And the burden of the prisons and the rise of criminal cases? And the damage caused by theft - Insurance Companies included - and the horrific violence?


However, we all understand that do not have the financial capacity in the immediate future, sufficient resources for the creepy way or to change the structures of justice in the short term. Everything must be done with due weight and measure. The programs that I suggest should be the subject of studies and involve the wealthiest countries, with appropriations for this purpose. If the example is the best way to educate and correct these movements of measures to human dignity will have universal effect. And if the international community to promote ways to address situations of disasters, we must understand the significance of the great disaster that represent the problems that I mentioned ago. Fall is the efforts of war, the money in the manufacture of arms and means once we have sufficient funds available to acudirmos and the social scourge and reduce crime. Specifically speaking, and in Brazil, this country should prepare projects for submission to international organizations (the UN will be one of them), to get aid and support to minimize the scourges that suffers. Doing this, Brazil can be good example for other countries that can not by themselves solve their social ills and should carry the same. The world's solidarity has to be universal, especially since, in essence, no person, no country is free of blame for all the evil that rages in any point of the world is.


Attention to Brazilians: do not take my criticism and my advice as affront to Brazil, can be understood that in fact this country is the cancer of mankind. Far from it, similar situations - and even more serious - occur in various parts of the world, it is worth not specify. Because we should be of interest is the resolution of problems. But the abnormal situations that rife in Brazil, and which I referred are real, by the modesty pecando descriptive. If I had to refer to other countries and other situations in the universal scenario could not be less caustic. I want to speak to nations where people are deprived of their thinking with their head; forbidden the frequency of hotels available only to foreigners; the conditioning to information and ban the use of radio and television, when it can not enjoy drinking water and electricity. The important thing is to recognize the evils existing order and put them towards a better world and dignified that we are the superior species.


This is one of the modest contributions of those who wish to leave the law and that do not wish collides with deaf ears, within the principles that led me to the initiative of creating the APPDH for the Promotion and dignity of man. 













In some countries there will be no social or economic recovery until they are invested serious and competent leaders.


Especially in some African countries extreme poverty would not exist if they were developed the real potential for economic development, from the agro-livestock activities to natural resources.

The independences represented the irreversible establishment of sovereignty, but the expulsion of the settlers and the occupation of the posts in the hierarchy of the states by people who not acquired cultural status or the appropriate moral and civic capacity and as such without the appropriate expertise for the posts they made, lay all for land.

In many cases not only continued development, and fell as if nothing was done. It was not reinstated to the left of the asphalt pavement, has not been the preservation of buildings, or have been repaired the sanitation in their constant degradation. Also key activities as the cultivation of cereals, coffee and sugar cane disappeared.

In turn, political leaders began to see the government as personal property. Part of proceeds of raw materials like oil, diamonds and other, are considered property and own most of which enrich while impoverish the population, live in sórdidos expedients and corruption.


The more developed countries involved in the fight against poverty must, above all and without interference by interests, meet with the leaders of countries degraded and sensitize them to the eradication of the causes that are the source of poverty. And define actions for the development program, making also feel the need for acceptance in these countries, managers with recognized skills needed to work in enterprises. What to serve as a school for those who must learn to boost productivity.


Another problem in these countries is, of course, the low labor productivity. Some workers come to take a week to perform the work that could run on a single day. And when questioned in relation to the low productivity respond with arguments that the slavery and colonization have finished ...
There is also, in some ways social, issues that prevent the increase in productivity and wealth, because the families of people who are progressing, the first signs of wealth, want the media should be shared with them. Know are cases of poisoning from whom progresses, given the refusal of the division of property. Hence the need for the establishment of joint ventures that can exchange experiences, make training and eradicate concepts ancestors.

In view of the facts reported ago, assistance to impoverished populations can not be confined only to the donation of goods and medical care, but mainly for training and the necessary forms for example to change the culture in professional skills and attitudes. Is this the best capital for the assistance to the impoverished and degraded. This is happening as the problems of poverty will never be resolved, because the incompetence, the inaction and violence continue to hover and prevent the production of basic goods. The appropriation by the more developed countries and monetary means food becomes error, it falls on deaf ears, since the structures for the development were not created and much less assimilated.




                      ------------ " ------------



I will not end without leaving an appeal to the great American nation that is the USA and its new president, Barack Obama, who in the world orderly and civilized place real trust and who call:








Why the Man Coffee with milk? Because he has both the black and white, because his mother is white. I think of all that has always wrong to talk about it, to say that it is black. He is mulato, or mestizo, as termonologia that if you want to use.


But Obama himself has been indifferent to these errors. The call to you is to work for peace between peoples and nations, which drastically reduces the actions of war to take concrete steps on the path to peace and that the military actions that are forced into war, murdering people who do not nor did they know evil, everyone can continue to live. I call on the extension to all countries involved in war without any justification, with the acts of force and intransigêcias to override the firm and serious dialogue.


We know that wars serve as food industries to arms. But if you think more seriously, easily reached the conclusion that there are good alternatives to these industries. Work is more in environmental protection and nature, increasing the production of clean fuels, to produce more food, in fighting poverty and raising awareness of the people towards improving their behavior in favor of promoting and dignifying. Here, yes, there are no limits for work-based.


End to reaffirm the noble objectives of the Portuguese Association for the Promotion and dignity of man, who never cease to pursue: the defense and promotion of human dignity, fighting peacefully xenophobia; the harmful behavior, the hegemony of some of the misfortune of others ; the threat of future with the degradation of this, the misanthropy to occupy the place of philanthropy, the death of children and adults by wars, famine and diseases, criminal acts and other harm organized. All this without wanting to make the police or judges, because we will not prosecute, arrest and sentence, but we will try to help each individual the world and the world help each individual, we have the capacity to defend that we are superior species.


I am convinced that this session of conference will result in the first big lever to make it around the world we live in degrading and to also show how many think that all is lost, there is nothing to do and prove that we are not involved in mere utopia, because what is utopian is the reach of man. Basically, what we want is that the man develop its superior capabilities in support of the good and the detriment of evil.


My sincere thanks to you and recognized conference that marked their presence with his work, which came with its high power and sensitivity, helping to affirm what I have just said, whose oratory that made will be exposed to those law , to be listened to in the face of a better world.


All other invited guests and not that much in the honor with his presence to have the luck and pleasure of having your high civic, moral and intellectual, our immeasurable gratitude and recognition, some of us have been known to better, in particular, and continue to help us in our task, simple and genuine, that is, simply, the promotion and dignity of man.








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