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Professor Guilhermino Pires (Inglês)

DOCTOR GUILHERMINO PIRES - Member of the Community Life and Peace

This community has great work in rehabilitation and support to homeless, few people know that in its fullness. In the theme of your conference, Dr. A. G. Pires showed us how to make the promotion of human dignity and in the field and also left a sense call those who can and should acquire the necessary sensitivity to the problems of human prostrate in humiliating degradation.




I consider it an honor, to use the word even if modest, on behalf of those who normally have no voice in this historic and noble areopagus, so wise interventions.

I thank the Portuguese Association for the Promotion of human dignity and, in the person of its President on the invitation that did. Please respectful greetings to all those prelectores and if you would participate in this session.

It is undeniable and obvious lack of sensitivity. We must adopt a 'new humanism for the third millennium. " (m / communication in UNESCO, Paris, February 2000). AND PUT THE HEART OF THE MAN IN THE CENTER OF GLOBALIZATION.

Ladies and gentlemen. I speak on behalf of

                                                                               Let me start with a short multimedia presentation.

The Community Life and Peace is an IPSS. Sprouted awareness of the initiative raised by the 'sympathy', considering urgent action with such attitudes, behavior in concrete gestures to the full dignity of the human person. Emerged as' Project of Hope for the homeless' since 1989 (Dec. of the Patriarch of Lisbon, April 17, acknowledged being "legal person of Public Utility 'on June 22). Wanted and want to be some response to requests of the poorest of the poor, often victims of social causes that lead to exclusion unfairly ... (It is still missing 'put the heart of man in the center of the global society' of our post-modern era ...)
For CVPaz, the recipient / target is the person - people - situated, with profile of marginality, and degraded in a lawless existence, closer to vegetate than to live - those who wanders encolhidos under the weight of hunger, cold and destroyed by the dependencies, which appear, dragging up and slit the corners of our streets. Those who do not have jobs; deprived of family and social support, homeless and without affection.
It is unfortunate that it has widespread knowledge of the institution (which is a foundational) with some ambiguous and imprecise, with reductive tendencies of the essence of his project of rehabilitation of the homeless. Sometimes it confuses the identity of the 'Community Life and Peace' with 'the white vans with volunteers who distribute food and clothes to the homeless', every night of the year. Or, with the annual Christmas party of the homeless (which this year is the 20th edition). Even this requires a strong support to the initiative of solidarity on behalf of the civilization of love. And the corps of volunteers gives you the most convincing of the spirit that surrounds the festival. (More than 1,000 volunteers will be to coordinate and serve, also at the table, the nearly 2,000 are homeless expected, from today until Sunday. (Let me be free to invite them to spend there these days ...).

However, the primary statutory objective of the organic structure of CVPaz aims, rather, provide assistance, spiritual and material, the homeless - people unprotected, considered as the 'next' in the context of the Gospel parable of the travelers' assaulted, robbed and injured, the way to Jericho. " In this stage it is her role in 'Good Samaritan' - the only passer-by who stopped, if apeou and condoeu, providing first aid, trusting then semimorto and the despised, care of the landlord - who could and did treat the wounds , to the rehabilitation of victims.
In the same spirit of genuine service, is allowed us to summarize what is a 'work' of CVPaz for the promotion and human dignity:

. 1 'Do not live by bread alone man ...'. And the spirituality of the charismatic CVPaz is a reflection of the concepts of the Beatitudes evangelicals, motivated by 'gets free, hence, too, for free. "(Mt.10, 8). So also acts according to the criteria of the social doctrine of the Church, as witness and prophecy of the New Evangelization.

No 'respect for fundamental human rights, ecumenical in spirit and observance of constitutional freedoms ", is established in our community an environment supportive of gratuituidade. And more than 500 regular staff volunteers, is the 'vanguard' complementing the street teams or teams of direct intervention - EID (with 5 to 7 items). Usually it is in dialogue with each custom the homeless that teams invite, induce, convince and guide the meeting in the EAD (Area to Open Dialogue). This area of 'permanent hearing' received this year close to two thousand people who were sent, including also for other institutions more consistent with their status, especially of the Bar of physical and mental health. He was created (in 2005) to allow the diagnosis and identification with the problems of each. Here, then, that starts the process of recovery through the individual challenge to the proposed demonstration of the very strong desire for a radical change of life. Implies acceptance - binding - the free membership to treatment appropriate to each case. These treatments, medium and long term, are 9, 12 to 13 months. Of the 240 who started the process this year, have been reinstated more than a hundred. The success rate, while flattering, humbly acknowledge that still does not meet. We want more and better. But may consider that this is the project of hope towards inclusion.

From its headquarters in Lisbon, in a dynamic of action, with more than one hundred employees, is acting in order to pursue the essential objective of the strategic plan. It will not be negligible resume our work in three verbs conjugated in the plural, since the teams are out, and Therapeutic Techniques in 3 Treatment Centers / Rehabilitation and Training (by giving occupational therapy), which provide support ( with considerable success) the methodology of the process (between 55 to 60%) for the rehabilitation / social inclusion of our clients.
I serve me the letter R (upper case), the prefix re, with volunteers in the root of the Street Team. The various teams, which give the food to the body, favor the food's religious spirit, to recover a 'sustainable' of personality with the provision to reshape their lives. So it is up to us to be home-Community - to promote a return to respect and affection for life, the re-encounter the real you and Peace, of the spirit. And the task of hosting is not to write one, but with 3 Rs - Collect - Restore - Re-enter, as opposed to the rejection, the refusal, the prosecution so unfortunately this behavior in a large part of society ungracious, to the excluded. .. often a source of relapse and revolt ...

We know that our action in many cases this is the first attempts involving membership proactive and conscious in order to own integration / inclusion, for never having faced opportunities ... We are a 'coincidence' that someone defined as a 'presence of God hidden in anonymity' ...
Unfortunately many, and increasingly, the homeless of a drug addict and alcoholic, together with many 'new poor' (hidden - such a 'poverty ashamed "), which the teams are in the' Voltas' them 'night patrols the volunteers' ...

Maybe I now know some interesting statistics. They are available on our website ( But we are always available to those willing to improve the knowledge of the Community. Mainly to clarify views and help implement some of the various projects to a more efficient service. As the effectiveness is measured by results, the numbers speak for themselves. In developing the users / residents, especially, awareness of their human dignity and conviction to its realization, the Community Life and Peace has contributed to treat, recover and reintegrate into society more than a thousand people.

Let me emphasize: the Life and Peace Comuniudade addition to its headquarters in Lisbon, has three centers of social rehabilitation, integrating in the labor market annually 100/105 recovered the homeless, after the professional knowledge to enable and accelerate that favor employability, or their reintegration into life in society, conscious of their citizenship.

The guided many courses and guides for technical and technological guaranteeing them the exercise of a profession and school equivalency. But the opposite is the low acceptance or refusal to even use them. Hence all the consequences, including relapse. Business and society need to put the heart of man in the center of globalization, to prevent the escalation of the crisis ... and embark on a 'sustainable development'

EAD - is here, which is organized, if necessary, its clinical and referral process for detoxification. Of these, about 140 were brought in for treatment and rehabilitation centers for more than a few dozen people from other places in the country and foreign immigrants ... in deplorable circumstances. Thus, in the 3 recovery centers - the Center of the Fifth of the Holy Spirit (Sobral de Monte Agraço), the Center of taking the Fifth (Lapa, Venda do Pinheiro) and Centro de Fátima (Moimenta) - around 240 are hospitalized. Each one is directed to the most appropriate program in one of the centers, consistent with the response to increased efficiency required for the case.

The UD - It is a remarkable contribution to the reduction of toxicode-waiting, the Unit for withdrawal, now with capacity for 130, to work with a duration of 10-11 days. On average are 3 groups of 5 users per month. The occupancy rate is increasing. Until yesterday (Dec. 18) entered the 98th All are the host in the EAD, conducted by the Street Team.

With the ultimate objective, a draft forward to the hope, their reintegration family, social, educational and professional, the Community offers its users an experience of family life in society, a therapeutic program and technical instruction for the performance of a profession, using the partnerships, including with the IEFP up to level 3 of euroqualificação ...

After considered recovered, enrolled in some apartments, with the philosophy of UVAU - Autonomous Unit of Life - where they are provided with a training for self-government, while waiting for work ...

In COVIPAZ have a kind of small business cooperative formed to deal with those who successfully completed treatment, waiting to be called decent work. How to 'park' occupying themselves with temporary contracts to provide services undifferentiated, including the authorities, for example in the cleaning of streets and roads in the garden, etc.., Acquiring experience and realizing a salary accordingly, that autonomously manage. Others can return to their families or re-establish his home.

In short, the intervention developed pala CVPaz among the homeless, following a sequential test, takes into account various types of response ( 'Back', 'Home / EAD', 'Therapeutic Communities' - now with nearly 250 residents,' Communities Insertion of ',' Apartment / UVAU '; and COVIPAZ. We tend to complement each other.

I can only apologize because I have long ... Thank you for your attention.

And made on behalf of the Life and Peace, best wishes for the Christmas Holidays-Good and Good Year 2009.

Lisbon, 19 December 2008.

A. Guilhermino Pires
                                                                                                     member of the Directorate of the Life and Peace 

Selfishness isolates. We should be channels of God's life to others and we are not.
And why are the poorest, most vulnerable.


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Very interesting piece, thanks.
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